The Tool for Logistics Straps

Reach into tight spots to connect logistics straps

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Stop wasting time trying to place straps where you can't quite reach. StrapSetter lets you reach into narrow gaps to connect logistics straps quickly and easily.

Simple to use, StrapSetter holds the locking lever open and reaches over two feet deep to connect strap fittings to the E-track. Just pull out and the fitting locks into place automatically.

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StrapSetter is Fast and Easy to Use:

Locate the label "This Side to STRAP" and face it towards the strap webbing.

Turn the strap fitting 90 degrees to the strap.

Slide the tongue into the slot alongside the webbing.

Hold the locking lever open while you push StrapSetter through the slot.

Push through only until the lock is held open. Do not force past this point.

Friction holds the strap fitting in place.

Reach in and engage the fitting as usual. Pull StrapSetter out and the lock will snap closed automatically.